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Mike Ballard owner/operator of Big Iron Tour Co.

Born and raised in Moab, Mike always had a strong desire to serve in the military. Shortly after high school he enlisted in the Marines and served two deployments. After separating from the Marines he studied aviation and worked a number of years as a helicopter pilot.

Having a wife and three kids at home, Mike soon came to realize that the helicopter life was not healthy for the family life. After months of discussion, Mike decided it was time to bring the family home to Moab. As much as Mike loved working as a helicopter pilot, giving his kids the incredible upbringing he had was far more important. Mike has permanent and lasting effects as a result of his time in service and is no longer physically able to work the construction trades he grew up in. Having put his career as a pilot on hold he had only one other skill he could market and lucky for us, off-roading is a skill he loves to share with others!

Things to do in Moab Utah







“The people are wonderful. The scenery is fantastic. The vehicles are powerful!”

“Great family owned business! Awesome adventure”

“Great friend, great veteran, great times!”

“Mike’s knowledge of the area is unbeatable. He’s a local guy that grew up here and knows the ins and outs of the area, and can give you all the info you’d ever dream of. We had a great time and we will definitely be using these guys again the next time we visit Moab!”