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You’ll Scream, You’ll Laugh . . .

Best Jeep Tour Moab

. . . And you’ll feel a rush of Excitement as you cross seemingly-impossible passages.

You’ll zip through river washes, climb breath-taking trails, put your hands on dinosaur tracks and fossils, and gaze upon the most unique landscape in the world.

And before your Moab Jeep Tour is over, you’ll experience a sense of wonder and serenity you’ve never known before.

“So many things to do in Moab, Utah, but this was hands down the highlight of our time in Moab.”

—Carly Aschinger

You’ll Experience Things Others Only Hear About

Big Iron Tours will take you places that others can only imagine, so that you can experience the best Moab Jeep tour ever.

Our custom-built military transport trucks have been professionally modified for Moab Desert tours so that they are able to climb the most intimidating of rocks, obstacles, and trails.

You’ll be both safe and comfortable throughout your tour as our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art 4-point seat-belt harnesses as well as ergonomically-contoured and cushioned seats.

Jeep tour moab

Awesome off-road tour! The scenery was incredible. Traversing the extreme terrain was exciting. The truck was a beast! It climbed near vertical rock formations that looked impossible.

—Gerald McGarvin

best moab utah jeep tour

This Is What’s Waiting For You:

  • Explore Moab’s rock tunnels
  • Feel fossilized dinosaur bones
  • Inspect cliff dwellings
  • Walk beneath Moab’s stunning arches
  • Photograph world-famous vistas
  • Picnic under the stars
  • . . . and so much more!

You’ll Always Remember This Tour!

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