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Q: What should I wear on the tour?

A: Dress according to the weather which will depend on the season but in case of inclement weather, we will have blankets in the vehicles. We recommend close toed shoes because we will be getting out to walk around and explore.

Q: Can we bring our own beverages in the tour vehicle?

A: Yes! But let us know ahead so we can make room in the cooler.

Q: Will we be in the tour vehicle the whole time?

A: No, we will have multiple stops where you can get out to take pictures and learn of the surrounding areas with our knowledgable guide.

Q: Can I drive?

A: No, you might break it.

Q: Do you offer Jeep rentals?

A: No, but we can recommend places.

Q: Can my baby go?

A: Yes, we can take babies but you must provide the car seat.